aikidance with scarfaikidance joins together like minded community members for fun filled, enriching and creative conscious dance. After a session you’ll feel inspired and connected, healthy and fit, uplifted and strong. The first timer to aikidance is introduced to a simple, safe space for moving freely without inhibitions.

aikidance uses some general philosophical and movement concepts from the Japanese peaceful martial art, Aikido, as well as Reiki, the Japanese hands on energy healing technique. These modalities, in tandom with influences from the Conscious Dance Movement, Contact Improv, yoga, and modern dance, form the core theories of aikidance.

aikidance incorporates  props: flowing scarves, light weight spheres, and staves, which help to deepen awareness of making shapes in space such as spirals, orbs and cardinal directions. Flow is developed. Core strength is heightened. Imagination is enriched.

aikidance with staveaikidance explores the four elements of air, water, fire and earth, their corresponding compass directions and colors, movements to blend with each, as well as the seven chakras with their corresponding colors. Props, compass directions, elements, and colors combine in infinite ways to aid one’s imagination and awaken the dancing warrior.

Say goodbye to stress, move your body, and let go of inhibitions in a safe space! Experience awesome music, the freedom to move, breathe, shake your body, feel, connect, experiment! Have fun with a social activity combined with movement that helps keep our minds, bodies and spirits functioning to their fullest potential for general preventative holistic health.

World premiere of aikidance at Black Rock City’s BurningMan was given on August 25, 2014 at the beautiful bamboo dance floor at RhythmWave!!

Groups forming – TBA

Available for workshops and clinics – TBA

Teacher Training workshops – TBA

Call 909-575-7137 for more information.